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Cakes are a great way to celebrate any event that you are hosting. From baby shower cakes to graduation cakes, there is a cake to celebrate every
type of party or special occasion. Browse through our cake listings to find a cake that will perfect cake for your event.

We are a classic All cake variety bakery that delivers. All of our cakes, flowers and gifts are available for individual events, parties so please contact us for pricing, planning and more.We specialize in baked goods that are timeless. No additives, preservatives or yucky stuff. Cake2you delivers scrumptious cakes and flowers right to your front door. Whether the recipient is a good friend, a spouse, a beloved family member or a coworker,we will deliver any where and everywhere in gurgaon. Not sure what type of frosting to choose? Cake2you cake shop can work with you to show you the difference between butter cream and fondant, and which type of icing would be best for your cake.

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Cake2you specializes in making the most original and best tasting cakes Gurgaon has ever seen or tasted. hat our customers have come to expect with each wedding or special event cake we create. And of course, we apply the same high standards to every baked confection we produce. Some of the most popular cakes include chocolate cakes and ice cream cake. Order cakes well in advance of your event to make sure you can have it ready in time and to account for cake delivery.

Looking for a special cake for your special day? We design custom cakes for events with 2 kg or more size.Schedule your cake consultation.We strive to provide high customer satisfaction, and each of our specialty cakes is custom-made to our clients' specifications.Hosting a seasonal party in your home or office? There are many bakeries in gurgaon that can design a beautiful holiday or seasonal cake for your big event. Coordinate with the cake shop about the size and design of the cake and if you would like it to be delivered to your party location.

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we can deliver cake any where in gurgaon in just three hours. all our cakes are fresh and made to order. we also deal in sugar free cakes and designer cakes.Our cakes are made the traditional ways with real, identifiable ingredients. We dont use preservatives, trans fats or processed sweeteners.

So, when you are in the mood for that unique pastry or cake to satisfy your sweet tooth, Visit - Gurgaon's best cake shop!Cake2you makes Custom Cakes for Any Occasion. Weddings, Engagement, Anniversary, Birthdays, Bachelor and Bachelorette, Bar and Confirmation and any other Special Day that deserves a wonderful Custom Birthday Cake made especially for you or your loved ones.