Get Fresh Cakes, Flowers and all Party supplies home delivered in gurgaon

Cake2you provides the customer a platform to choose the cake flavor, design, egg type, size on its website and get it delivered totally free of cost at the desired location in gurgaon. If you are looking for a custom cake, you may email us the image or whatsApp us on 7838553318, we will send you the custom link for online payment , also you may buy for yourself or gift to someone via making online payment from the website. A lot of us hesitate to send cake online simply because there is no guarantee that if we make the payment online the bakery will send the same chosen product or make it fresh, At cake2you we 100% guarantee that cake will be made fresh. Cake2you aims at making the process of gifting so easy and reliable and hassle free. You can make combos of your choice, choose flowers you like, design custom photo cakes, add greeting cards from a choice of 200 Option and everything gets delivered within next 3-4 hrs which is sometimes more quicker than yourself even if you are in the same city. We will stay focused on cakes, flowers and other small gifts and party supplies and checking their quality always before delivery.All eatables especially bakery products like cakes, pastries, donuts taste best when they are made fresh and consumed fresh. Inorder to ensure we deliver all our products fresh, we decided to have all the cakes made to order. even if you order a half kg pineapple cake costing few hundreds to the designer cake costing Rs.1800 per kg, we will make your cake fresh and deliver it fresh . This is a promise and commitment and guarantee from cake2you

Buy Cakes Online or pay cash on delivery in complete gurgaon

Celebrating any occasion like Birthday, Anniversary or farewell or any other has one main necessity that is a Cake cutting ceremony. Cake2you is here to simplify this need, now you don't have to go in traffic to order your favorite cake. You can see the cake designs online on our website and choose flavor, cake style, and get it home delivered free in complete Gurgaon . At Cake2you, We always double check things like message on cake . Also either you may pay cash or make payment online. You may send birthday caps, candles along with cake anywhere in gurgaon city. Are you planning to buy a cake for a upcoming birthday party or to get a cake delivery delivery in gurgaon, then simply go our website and book in advance.

New Varaities of Cakes

Fun with photo cakes, with photo cakes you can send custom message with any image of your choice, which gives you a new dimension to gifting . You can design collage, child hood pictures,Combination of pictures and other fancy font text. Ice creams available both in summers and winners is our new specialty. egg less cheese cakes, most bakeries do cheese cake but they use egg, we at cake2you also do the egg less variant of the cheese cakes so that everyone can enjoy cheese cakes. Now thats a interest question similar to asking to choose a mother their favorite kid. The answers depends on you if are a chocolate lover our best cake is the choco truffle cake which contains smooth dark chocolate and we have kept the price of the chocolate cake less than what it should have been because it is best product we have , so if you don't like the chocolate flavor there will be tie between our fresh fruit cake and the black forest cake. i would personally go for the fresh fruit as it will be more Healthier as we consume fruits too while eating the delicious cake. What Cake2you does different from other online cake companies is that we absolutely ensured consumers get the cake they ordered. this is the reason we have the option to pay cash upon delivery, once the customer receives the cake or flowers , they can themselves see the quality. This is the reason for good reviews of the company and good brand value in the short span of time. Our sheer aim is to provide you a online service which you would find better than travelling yourself in the traffic and wasting your important time.

Your Saviour: Cake and flowers in 2 hours

If you forgot an important birthday or an anniversary and to add to that you are busy in your office work and don't want to get struck in traffic, we can help you out by delivering this soft , moist and the fresh chocolate truffle cake which we can make in the matter of just 1 hour and deliver it with a bunch of roses and that too in the next one hour anywhere in gurgaon. so if you get caught in any such situation, just give us a call and we will help you to choose the best cake and flowers of your choice and deliver them as soon as possible. People give gifts to each other, but why, have you ever wonder, for a mind which thinks more rationally it is simply exchanging things and boils down to "give and take" rule just like most of the matters in life, but if one's mind thinks more emotionally it is about the feelings which gets conveyed and what one feels when the door bell rangs quarter to 12 and its you surprise birthday gift delivery at midnight. We provide all the products at the best possible price to the customer. our whole mission is to make the online cake and gifts shopping experience very simplistic even better than buying from the bakery near your place.

Cake2you: Combining Technology with Food

Cake2you is combining Technology or rather using technology to help you get the fresh cake every time and always, All the cakes that we make are for order only and always delivered fresh to you. A cake which is made just a few hours before the delivery is always going to taste better than the one which is kept on the bakery shop since the morning or may be much before. With the sole aim of Making customers Happy and satisfied we at cake2you have designed the whole product cycle of your order a cake for any celebration needs whether its a birthday, anniversary or Farewell party. You may also choose from a huge range of greeting cards which you can see online and book them to be delivered along with the cake. As of Now we deliver in complete Gurgaon excluding Manesar, our delivery timings are 11:00 am in the morning to 8:00 pm in the evening. You may choose any delivery slot , we will deliver close to your timing chosen with any extra cost. Keeping in the mind the user need and the present day scenario of nuclear families we even deliver half kg cakes. Buying a gift for someone is really a tricky thing especially when you have budget contraints. lets keep the budget contraint out of question now because we at cake2you have brought to you some of the coolest gift options at some really attractive prices. Everyone is mad about things like cricket, movies, photography , think on these things while planning your gifts.

Lots of Stuff along with Cake or Flowers or Combos

Cake2you Provides you lots of options like chocolates, mugs, greeting cards, sof toys, party supplies and decoration stuff which you can send along with cake or flowers or combos, We call these as addon products. You can see real pictures of these addon products , we maintain our own inventory and deliver these within 4-6 hours of the you placing an order. most of these products are available for same day delivery. We at Cake2you also provide fresh flowers which you may gift to anyone. We have super fast deliver of fresh cakes, mostly same day orders within three to fours hours. Cake2you is strongly moving forward as one of leading Cake shops in gurgaon which is reflected in the best ratings it has received from its customers.

Delivery In almost all areas of Gurgaon

Cake2you has delivery in almost all areas of gurgaon be its starting for areas near south border DLF City Phase 1,DLF City Phase 2,DLF City Phase 3,DLF City Phase 4,DLF City Phase 5,,Galleria Market,Golf Course Road,MG Road,chakarpur, saraswati vihar, Maruti vihar. All the udyog vihars phases 1,2,3,4 and udyog vihar 5. we also deliver in old gurgaon areas like Sector 4,5,7, 7xtn Sector 9, 9A ,,Sadar Bazaar, New Colony, Sector 12,12A, Rajiv nagar, Sector 10, 10A, Shivaji Park, Model Town and adjacent areas. The complete sohna road sectors starting from Sector 40,Sector 41,42, Sector 43,44,45,Sector 46,47,49 till Sector 56, kendriya vihar, Sector 57. cake2you also has deliver in complete palam vihar, sector 23, sector 21 and sector 22. The central gurgaon the core near to signature tower sector 31, sector 15, sector 14, sector 17 are also easily covered under our delivery zone. In case you need any clarification of our delivery zone please call us at 7838553318 between 9:00 am to 8:00 pm all seven days.

Looking for same day delivery : We deliver within few hours

Did you forgot your friend's birthday or anniversary and it is already half the day gone, You still looking for good gifting options, do not worry, you can still get the best cake delivered in gurgaon within a few hours. With Cake2you all you problem of sending cake and flowers and gifts online are solved. You can choose from over 130 cake design options, make the payment online and if you order before 6 pm, we guarantee that your order will be delivered same day around the time chosen by you. We are mostly available all seven days a week and you can simply call us at our customercare number to ask any queries. We also make premium quality designer cakes but we need at least 24hrs advance for designer cakes. Cake is a very delicate product and Our delivery boys are trained to handle the delivery , so that the product reaches you in the same condition as dispatched.

Planning for a suprize cake at Restaurant party

Planning to get the cake delivered directly to your Favorite restaurant. Not an issue , A lot of our clients do that, They want to enjoy the their favorite cuisine at their choice of restaurant and also want the best cake. A lot of restaurants although produce great meals don't have the best cakes, What cake2you does is that deliver the cakes directly to you restaurant, we coordinate with restaurant manager and ask them to keep the cake safe in fridge for you till you come and ask for the cake. For this you simply need to make the payment online from our website and we will send the cake directly to the restaurant close to the timing of your arrival at the venue.

The Art of sending Gift Online

Cake2you is a unique company which caters to both cash on deliver orders for local people living in gurgaon and for people who want to send cake as a gift online to some one residing in gurgaon. We fully understand the art of cake gifting, in case you are making the online payment, we never send the bill along the cake, only delivery slip, which has address of the recipient is sent and there is no information amount the price of product is send to the receiver of the cake. For cash on delivery orders if you want the delivery as soon as possible, please give us call at our customer care number and we will prioritize your order to get it delivered asap.

Different And Unique Cakes

In this new Technology age ,where everyone is looking for some thing new, something unique and different, Cake2you is always presenting you with new designs , new flavors, experimenting with new cake styles and flavor. We understand that a best cake is the one which looks good and taste great. We at Cake2you have introduced new ice cream cake flavors like tuti fruity, chocolate nutts ice cream cake. We take same day deliver orders till 6:30 pm so that you can order most of the times same day and still get it delivered.

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